Celebrating One Year Of Goodness


We’d love you to join us to celebrate this milestone on Saturday 1st March 9-3pm

Prizes, Goodie Bags, Tastings, Stalls, Specials and Birthday Cake!

Pop in and see ‘Renovation Reflections’ with photos of our renovation of the site and our unveiling of local Artist Rachel Milne’s portrait of the finished building.
10am-12noon: Live music with local musician Maureen O’Brien

10am-11am: Free Face Painting in the garden with local artist Elizar Mytka who painted our Date Street Mural

11am-1pm: Wine Tasting with Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Make a booking for the Café for a delicious breakfast, lunch, coffee and sweets or JUST CALL IN!

We’d love to see you to thank you for your support of our new venture over the last year!

Anna & Andy and the GMO Team

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2013 ‘Green Lifestyle Awards’

Highly Commended

We are THRILLED to have been nominated as one of two finalists in the annual 2013 Green Magazine ‘Green Lifestyle Awards’ in the Food – Restaurant Category.

In keeping with Green Lifestyle magazine’s reputation for knowledge and expertise in the green field within Australia, these awards give recognition to the companies and products within the industry who are leading the way by taking admirable measures to provide products and services that are environmentally friendly and aware.

At the Awards dinner on October 9th 2013 in Sydney; Owners Anna & Andy Ward were awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Food – Restaurant Category. Chosen from 1000 finalists for this award the Goodness Me Team are thrilled to have their green initiatives recognised.

The Awards Dinner takes place during National Organic Week Australia (NOW) an annual event running from Friday 4 – Sunday 13 October 2013. NOW is 10 days of targeted media and locally-staged activities designed to increase awareness of the benefits of organic products and farming production systems and accelerate the uptake of these in the wider Australian community and environment.

Mostly behind the scenes these green initiatives include the use of biodegradable takeaway cups and containers, recycling paper, cardboard and glass, certified organic cotton staff t-shirts and aprons, composting all food scraps and waste through local co-operative The Green Helping Hand to make fertiliser, growing and using fresh herbs and greens from the kitchen garden, cleaning with ENJO fibres and biodegradable local cleaning products Tri-nature and supporting organic farming with over 1500 organic products and fresh certified organic produce in store.

You can read more about all the recycling undertaken during the building renovation and extension at www.goodnessmeorganics.com.au

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Going Green with a little Help From Our Friends

Waste. Scraps. Left overs. Not exactly a pretty topic to talk about. It’s what we leave on the plate when we leave a café or restaurant. Do you think about where it goes?

Usually to Landfill in a big black garbage bag. And we all know that doesn’t make the Earth a happy place.

We have partnered with the local team at The Green Helping Hand to make us more sustainable. A few times per week a little Truck comes with a helpful Green Helping Hand Teamie to take our buckets of food scraps and turn them into liquid fertiliser.

In our kitchen we have a separate bucket that we separate all food scraps into that then gets composted and turned into fertiliser.


Here, The Green Helping Hand tells us a bit about who they are and what they do…

“At the beginning of 2012 having just graduated with honours in macroeconomics from University of Newcastle I was working as a kitchen hand at the Queens Wharf Brewery while looking for work in Sydney in macroeconomic modelling. As macroeconomists do, I was analysing the business inputs-outputs and it struck me that the waste outputs from the Queens Wharf Brewery were a totally underutilised resource.

That afternoon, on my way home, I stopped at my local coffee shop, Conroy Bradley’s Pistol Club, and during a conversation with the owner Nick Tarren I raised my amazement at the volume of wasted resources at the Queens Wharf Brewery. This conversation could be described as the flap of the butterfly wings for the two young entrepreneurs. Nick Tarren made an immediate connection with this idea as in his youth he had been spent many hours with his Uncle Conroy Bradley a gardening enthusiast and worm farm extraordinaire. Such was his uncle influence Nick Tarren had named his pop up cafe after his childhood mentor on sustainable food waste practices. Ironically, this pop up cafe also became the melting pot for ideas on how to make local businesses more sustainable and the Business Partnership Commercial Cost Reductions was born in March 2012 at 278 Hunter St.

The Green Helping Hand has evolved from a business partnership called Commercial Cost Reductions and is now a co-operative of like minded business owners who see the sustainable synergy between effective waste management in local cafes, restaurants and hotels that enable the extraction of potential resources for local food production, energy production and a broad range of products that can be made from reclaimed materials.

By taking food scraps and other resources like Styrofoam boxes, some plastics and oil drums contained within businesses general waste we reduce the landfill contribution significantly. The estimated reductions in Green House Gases from composting food scraps rather than landfilling can be as high 60 percent and by making products locally from the resources that we reclaim we also reduce the volume of fossil fuels used in transportation of goods from outside our local area.”

A HUGE Thanks to The Green Helping Hand for lending us a hand in making our business more sustainable and environmentally friendly!

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A Confession: My Strutt Sisters Crush

Some years ago, on a whim I visited the studio of Catherine & Jennifer Strutt; twin sisters, musicians, synaesthetes, visual artists & designers. It was a once a year opportunity to see Artists in their natural habitat at the Newcastle Community Arts Centre Studio Open Day. I can’t believe I had never heard of them before and instantly fell in love with their colour and style. Truly, it was an incredible experience – but I did have the crazy hormones of a breast-feeding mother!
I then became Strutt obsessed. Seriously. Just ask my family and friends.

Meanwhile, Goodness Me Organics was taking shape and one sleepless night I had a light bulb moment of creativity! Imagine….. JUST IMAGINE…. A STRUTT CAFÉ COUNTER!

My girl crush was so bad I couldn’t speak to them without my heart racing and my words getting jumbled (embarrassing I know) but it was on International Women’s Day that I summoned the courage to tell them my idea… and…. THEY LOVED IT!

They got busy measuring, designing and building and finally a few weeks before our March 2nd Grand Opening they loaded up the Ute and brought it over to install. Securely in place it was quickly shrouded in black fabric ready for the official unveiling at our Grand Opening.

Seeing double: Jennifer and Catherine hard at work
Seeing double: Jennifer and Catherine hard at work
Handmade tile by tile by the Strutt sisters
Handmade tile by tile

Visit their facebook page and see the album of our Counter Artwork Progress from start to finish

Grand Opening Day: The Unveiling!
Grand Opening Day: The Unveiling!
Mrs Goodness Me with Catherine & Jennifer Strutt
Mrs Goodness Me with Catherine & Jennifer Strutt

Q&A's with the Strutts

What's in store next for the Strutt Sisters?

Well, we are flat out all year by the looks of it! At the same time as working on the counter we have been madly building up stock for two Art Bazaar markets coming up and a weeklong stall at the National Folk Festival. We are also getting together our entries for the prestigious Archibald and Sulman Art prizes. In April we have a guest spot exhibition at Sydney's Nicky Ginsberg, NG Galleries and have a possible exciting new commission for our fast growing interior decorating side of the business in Victoria!

What was the best bit about creating the counter at Goodness Me Organics?

We've had a blast doing the counter! Firstly, we had never worked in this way before- we had always made artwork as artwork. But this was a completely different way of thinking as it was still artwork but "artwork as shop fit out". The focus is not only on form, but form AND function which we've never done before. We've been lucky in that GMO’s brief WAS brief and we pretty much could run free. This enabled us to have some fun with the design and layout and try out new colour combos, textures and patterns. We made the theme all about a great day out doing something relaxing and fun with family and friends as well as on fresh produce.

Where did the inspiration come from?

We only work with images from between 1950 to 1960 with SOME exceptions from the 30s and 40s. When Anna came to us roughly pointing us in the direction of this as her preference we knew we were kindred souls! We have also kept to this theme when choosing the fabric, tin and stencilled tiles as well as, most importantly, the colour scheme.

What challenges did you face in making the counter?

There were not too many challenges we had to face as basically this was just one of our artworks on a giant scale and we are pretty much on top of our technique now as far as what works and what doesn't. What we hadn't come across however, is how to make an artwork durable and water resistant enough for a busy cafe. We coat our fabric with a type of resin which is extremely durable and waterproof but we have a lot of paper on the work as well which doesn't sit under resin well but at the same time we couldn't leave it bare. After much googling and emailing we have discovered a waterproof water based estapol for paper and after a few trials we are satisfied it will do the job we need it to do and seal the paper. We also had to choose a background colour which not only complimented the work and its varied coloured tiles but the existing colour scheme in the cafe itself.

What interested you in accepting the commission to make a counter for GMO?

This was one of those in the right time at the right place moments! We had, for a long time, been tossing around going into interior decoration as we have a pretty big love for colour and have over the decades learnt what works and what doesn't and why. We have always been certain we could make the tiles on our artworks work as feature walls, kitchen splash backs, flooring and anything else. Teamed with our sense of colour and design we had an itch we needed to scratch and the frustration was growing as to where to start!

Then one day, after a business talk we gave, a free looking spirit walked up to us and said she needed a counter made for her new organic grocer and cafe and did we want to do it in our typical Strutt style?!

It seemed an out of the blue and fateful question and we struggled not to blurt out "YES!!" before asking all the sensible logistical questions one should ask first! 🙂 🙂

Thank you Thank you Thank you Catherine and Jennifer for creating such an iconic and fabulous artwork for our Café Counter – We LOVE it!

Love Anna, Andy and the whole team at Goodness Me Organics

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Good times ahead: the Renovation Transformation

All good businesses need a great location

We needed to find a home for our new business venture - the as yet unnamed – Goodness Me Organics. The name was to come after much brainstorming and was a flash of brilliance from Andy - aka Mr Goodness Me.

We spent months during 2011 looking at different suburbs and properties but there were fatal flaws with all of them! Then one day we drove home past Spinning Top Toys on Glebe Rd Adamstown and wistfully thought what a fabulous location it would be….. “Oh, they’ll never move….”

BUT THEY DID! We had our dream spot for our new venture!

However, not without SERIOUS work needing to be done. The buildings were old and needed a huge renovation to meet current regulations for a food premises. Some areas were beyond rescue with daylight showing through the cracks and the floor was sunken and spongy. 621 Glebe Road, the derelict building we inherited alongside the main building needed to be demolished completely.


Our objective in renovating the iconic building on Glebe Road, Adamstown, has been to create an arty and visually appealing space for Goodness Me Organics and the community to enjoy whilst retaining the character and authenticity of the building.

Draft upon draft of drawings were scribbled upon before plans were drawn up and submitted to Council. After four long months of waiting our development application was awarded consent on August 27th 2012. Unfortunately it came with a hefty 52 conditions!
The neighbours and Adamstown locals started to buzz with excitement once news was out that Adamstown was getting a new Organic Grocer and Café!

The work started in earnest with the roof being replaced and the derelict ex Hadley’s building being demolished in September 2012. The old bricks were rescued, cleaned up and reused for the new courtyard wall and building extension providing a link to the past and spots of colour. Many interesting things were discovered along the way, including an old buried bicycle and an outback dunny!


The original buildings have a long and interesting history as a general store, residence, bike shop and of course most recently Spinning Top Toys. Internally it has been completely renovated with a commercial kitchen, cool room and fully accessible toilet facilities installed. Internal walls were ripped out to create an open space to house our grocery and café areas.

In December it was onto building the deck which flows from the cafe into the courtyard, containing garden beds full of edible plants. The colourful mural on the Date Street external wall won The City of Newcastle ‘Pride of Place’ 2012 Award in the ‘Beaut Business’ category. The front footpath was re-concreted (twice due to a declaration of teenage love) to remove the step and improve accessibility.


Finally, the last few weeks before opening arrived! We were a hive of activity getting projects finished, signage and fencing erected, waiting for essential equipment to arrive, sourcing the right suppliers for our Organic food and groceries, creating our website and training our excited new team. Sometimes we wondered if we’d ever finish it all!

Welcome to our dream....... Goodness Me Organics, an organic Grocer and Café all under one roof in a central location in Newcastle......... We hope that this becomes YOUR place too, that you share us with your friends and most of all enjoy!

Thanks go to Adamstown local Leanne Shelton, who supplied us with the Mac’s store pic from when the old Hadley’s building was her parent’s shop.

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Sharing the Goodness

It’s not enough to just plan, demolish and renovate! We also wanted to build a quirky and playful identity. Thankfully, we discovered local graphic designer Shannon Hurry from Imago Media. He is responsible for taking our name – Goodness Me Organics - and creating our wonderful logo, flyers, signage and website.


Wanting to inform people about Goodness Me Organics before even opening we launched a Facebook page in August 2012. By the end of October 400 likers had jumped onboard to watch our renovation progress!
We decided to attend and support local events to reach even more people and share the Goodness Me love. The KORA Organics event at The Yoga Loft in September 2012 was an obvious choice. The GMO team and Yoga Loft VIPs enjoyed a DIY facial in the stunning new eco Yoga Loft in Newcastle. We met Therese Kerr and identified strongly with her passion for wholefoods and nutrition. Wanting to reward our Facebook fans one lucky liker joined us with a free ticket giveaway. Everyone at the event took home a 10% discount voucher to keep safe until our grand opening!


October saw us attend Newcastle Grammar School Twilight Market. Here we teamed up with local Thermomix consultant Bec from A-Thermofix to spread the word about real food and getting back to basics. New Lambton South Public School Twilight Festival welcomed us and many locals got very excited about our new venture just up the street from them. We attended the BE Natural Health Forum during National Organic Week at Newcastle City Hall. This was a fabulously informative, interactive and fun event filled with health practitioner speakers and demonstrations. We even won a BRITA water filter which we promptly gave away in another Facebook giveaway!


In December we celebrated the successful completion of our mural on the Date Street wall with a ‘virtual’ party on Facebook. The celebration included games, giveaways, spreading the word, handing out 10% discount flyers and a photo competition. This produced some amusing responses with people photographing objects, quirky poses or even their pets in front of our mural. ‘Strawberry kiss’ was a well deserved winner!


Our friend and marketing guru Pippa Rowntree has produced a few press releases that have been published in The Newcastle Herald. Pippa has been proudly wearing the team colours at events with our Goodness Me Organics red t-shirt!

By the end of the year our GMO Facebook page had grown to 600 likers, we gave away over $500 of Goodness Me Gift Vouchers in prizes and we hadn’t even opened yet!

200 Goodie bags were collated for giveaways and our grand opening. We’ve collected vouchers and delights from The Strutt Sisters, Mark Hinchey Naturopathy, Spinning Top Toys, Tonic Health, Valetudo Hair Studio, A Thermo-fix, Anita Pugh Nutritionist, Suz e Bee Candles, The Yoga Loft, Cut out the Crap and more…

It’s been a long hard road to Goodness Me Organics but we’ve been encouraged and humbled by the community support. Hugs from Adamstown neighbours, beeps and waves as people drive by, excited emails encouraging us to keep up the good work. It has helped us through the many challenges of bringing you Goodness Me Organics.

Here are some of the encouraging words we have received!

Everyone in my household (and even my neighbours) are excited about the opening of Goodness Me. You are just what we need. Thank you for dreaming this up and embarking on so much work to bring it to reality. I know my family and neighbour/friends will all be regulars.
Nicola H

Waiting, waiting waiting....tick, tick, tick! I drive past at least once every day and have done since the first note went out. They say 'patience is a virtue' I am very virtuous! Jennifer R

Cannot wait for you to open!!! I'll be knocking on the door with the rest of Newcastle on opening day!! Faith B

Can't wait for you guys to open. Our whole philosophy at Verve For Life is based around an organic lifestyle! It will be great to have another local business to spread the love with. Looking forward to meeting you all. Nath & Claire W

This is wonderful! I was thinking today that Newcastle needs more organic and healthy options...! See you when you open in the New Year 🙂 Nicole R

Welcome to Adamstown. We are so excited!!!!!! This is just what Adamstown needs. George and Kathleen M

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Newcastle ‘Beaut Business’

Finally! We found the perfect spot on the corner of Glebe Road and Date Street, Adamstown, for our new Organic Grocer and Café. The next step was to get creative and make it a vibrant and arty space to reflect our love of colour and style.

We had dreamed of having a mural, reflecting the iconic building’s history as a toy store and bike shop, whilst complementing our new Organic Grocer and Café. The City of Newcastle ‘Pride of Place’ 2012 Grant applications were advertised and so excitedly we submitted an application with fingers crossed.


The mural was designed by local artist Jessica Coughlan and went through many drafts before the final winning design was settled on. Jess studied locally at the University of Newcastle receiving Honours in Fine Arts and works collaboratively and experimentally on project pieces. 

On 17th October 2012, Goodness Me Organics received the exciting news that the application had been successful! We won a $5000 Grant in the ‘Beaut Business’ Category to place an eye-catching mural on the exterior Date Street wall. The grant objective was to ‘add value and build community pride and visual amenity in Newcastle’s commercial precincts’.


Circumstances meant designer Jess Coughlan was not able to paint the mural and local artist Elizar Clare Mytka came to the rescue jumping straight on board to paint Jess’s winning design. Elizar has a Diploma of Fine Arts and has been busy painting murals since she was 15 years old throughout Newcastle, Sydney and Byron Bay.
We had a tight deadline to complete the project by December 7th 2012. After 12 days the painting of the mural was completed before finally being covered with a protective anti-graffiti coating.
As part of our celebrations, we had a Facebook competition inviting people to take a creative photo of ‘someone or something at the Mural’ to win a $50 Gift Voucher.


Local school children got busy colouring in for us to help decorate our mural wall window.
On Monday 17th December the mural was inspected by Frank Cordingley, Newcastle City Council’s Livable City Director and Lisa Scully, City Presentation Manager. Goodness Me Organics was presented with a plaque to celebrate our achievement!


Jessica can be contacted for mural design or artwork at jessicacoughlan@yahoo.com

Contact Elizar for painting or mural work at elizarclare@gmail.com

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