It’s not enough to just plan, demolish and renovate! We also wanted to build a quirky and playful identity. Thankfully, we discovered local graphic designer Shannon Hurry from Imago Media. He is responsible for taking our name – Goodness Me Organics - and creating our wonderful logo, flyers, signage and website.


Wanting to inform people about Goodness Me Organics before even opening we launched a Facebook page in August 2012. By the end of October 400 likers had jumped onboard to watch our renovation progress!
We decided to attend and support local events to reach even more people and share the Goodness Me love. The KORA Organics event at The Yoga Loft in September 2012 was an obvious choice. The GMO team and Yoga Loft VIPs enjoyed a DIY facial in the stunning new eco Yoga Loft in Newcastle. We met Therese Kerr and identified strongly with her passion for wholefoods and nutrition. Wanting to reward our Facebook fans one lucky liker joined us with a free ticket giveaway. Everyone at the event took home a 10% discount voucher to keep safe until our grand opening!


October saw us attend Newcastle Grammar School Twilight Market. Here we teamed up with local Thermomix consultant Bec from A-Thermofix to spread the word about real food and getting back to basics. New Lambton South Public School Twilight Festival welcomed us and many locals got very excited about our new venture just up the street from them. We attended the BE Natural Health Forum during National Organic Week at Newcastle City Hall. This was a fabulously informative, interactive and fun event filled with health practitioner speakers and demonstrations. We even won a BRITA water filter which we promptly gave away in another Facebook giveaway!


In December we celebrated the successful completion of our mural on the Date Street wall with a ‘virtual’ party on Facebook. The celebration included games, giveaways, spreading the word, handing out 10% discount flyers and a photo competition. This produced some amusing responses with people photographing objects, quirky poses or even their pets in front of our mural. ‘Strawberry kiss’ was a well deserved winner!


Our friend and marketing guru Pippa Rowntree has produced a few press releases that have been published in The Newcastle Herald. Pippa has been proudly wearing the team colours at events with our Goodness Me Organics red t-shirt!

By the end of the year our GMO Facebook page had grown to 600 likers, we gave away over $500 of Goodness Me Gift Vouchers in prizes and we hadn’t even opened yet!

200 Goodie bags were collated for giveaways and our grand opening. We’ve collected vouchers and delights from The Strutt Sisters, Mark Hinchey Naturopathy, Spinning Top Toys, Tonic Health, Valetudo Hair Studio, A Thermo-fix, Anita Pugh Nutritionist, Suz e Bee Candles, The Yoga Loft, Cut out the Crap and more…

It’s been a long hard road to Goodness Me Organics but we’ve been encouraged and humbled by the community support. Hugs from Adamstown neighbours, beeps and waves as people drive by, excited emails encouraging us to keep up the good work. It has helped us through the many challenges of bringing you Goodness Me Organics.

Here are some of the encouraging words we have received!

Everyone in my household (and even my neighbours) are excited about the opening of Goodness Me. You are just what we need. Thank you for dreaming this up and embarking on so much work to bring it to reality. I know my family and neighbour/friends will all be regulars.
Nicola H

Waiting, waiting waiting....tick, tick, tick! I drive past at least once every day and have done since the first note went out. They say 'patience is a virtue' I am very virtuous! Jennifer R

Cannot wait for you to open!!! I'll be knocking on the door with the rest of Newcastle on opening day!! Faith B

Can't wait for you guys to open. Our whole philosophy at Verve For Life is based around an organic lifestyle! It will be great to have another local business to spread the love with. Looking forward to meeting you all. Nath & Claire W

This is wonderful! I was thinking today that Newcastle needs more organic and healthy options...! See you when you open in the New Year 🙂 Nicole R

Welcome to Adamstown. We are so excited!!!!!! This is just what Adamstown needs. George and Kathleen M